At some point within the year of 2016, I'd obtained a trike. Specifically, a Sun EZ-3 Delta trike.


As you can see, it's out in the elements back when I originally got it in Nebraska. We're now in Birmingham, Alabama. So far, this trike has handled things quite well. But I needed a better way of carrying things like groceries or whatever I felt like bringing along.

Thus, the trailer for the trike was purchased not long after I got the trike. Unfortunately, I didn't foresee the need for a trailer hitch. So I made do with using the trailer's safety harness along with my chains visible in the above image to hold the trailer to the trike.

For some time, I had been looking for a better way of adding a hitch to the trike. I was considering fabricating one of my own. But then I found this hitch. And the hitch pin that I knew I'd need to attach the trailer to the trike.

Hallelujah! I didn't have to fabricate one of my own! Yay! How does it look now?

Well, see for yourself.


As you can see here, the adapter is in place, along with one of the plastic spacers that came with the hitch. The black strips are just old tire tubes I cut up to place beneath the white plastic spacer so that it'd help hold the trailer in place. I struggled a fair amount with this, because there wasn't really an easy way to put the spacer onto the tube but I eventually figured out a way to do it by putting the spacer on and then sliding it over onto the tube.


It works... but it's still got too much play. I'll need to figure out a better solution for the spacer. Maybe a thicker spacer or something along that line.

What's next? Adding fenders and reflective tape in a style similar to the below image. They're currently being shipped to me. I'll post an update of what my trike looks like after I've gotten them. this