Last time round in Pt 1, I'd gotten the hitch and pin for the trike and the trailer I use. I'd noted I'd also be getting fenders for the trike along with the tape for said fenders.

These have finally arrived, though I struggled with one of the fender's brackets because once I started installing it, it would not lock in and kept breaking out of the threads. I finally said fuck it and made that damn thing thread through before I put it back on the trike.

Success! Trike now looks dapper as fuck. See for yourself!

Now, the last step is to add the tape that I'd referred to in the previous post. It's this one. Took balls forever to arrive. I actually forgot I'd ordered it, it took that long.

I've also been debating on whether or not to put fenders on the trailer until I realized that probably wouldn't work too well. Why? Well, it's a foldable trailer that I ordered in October of 2016. Works pretty well.

In its folded state, as you'll see...


... it's probably not going to be easy to attach the fenders. Here's the trike in both states.


As you can see in this pic, there's an included adapter to attach it to the bike. That's actually installed on my wife's bike, the LandRider.