So, after moving my blog (again), and successfully linking it to tumblr, I’m having a much easier time of keeping everything updated, more or less.

That said, my move to Arkansas has been delayed a tad bit. But I will still be moving, regardless. I’ll let people know when that’s happening.

At this point in time, some balance has been achieved, though there’s still some rough edges here and there, but I think… by and large, things are stable. Which is good enough, I suppose.

Also, woo, government shutdown! Really, did we have to go to that extent? Honestly, no we shouldn’t have. It was totally unnecessary political bullshit. Also hostage-taking. I thought America wasn’t the type to negotiate with people who take others hostage?

I wonder what’ll happen from this point on?

Not much point in wondering, I suppose, given the state of things where everyone’s so concerned with being stable. And that is where we’ve lost everything.