Hi, guys!

Sorry for not having been keeping up to date of late.

My time’s been mostly focused on running an IRC in-game setting. It’s not based on New World of Darkness, or Old World of Darkness, for that matter. It’s a free-form, play-as-you-want setting in a multi-verse that I’ve been working on for the past five years.

Granted, most of the data you’d think would be available is not available just yet in the Wiki linked in the site.. This is mostly because I decided to allow the people that join us and help bring this world to life in IRC… decide the course of the game.

Here’s a short description of Lysharia, directly from our website in a nutshell:

“Lysharia is a multi-verse setting comprised of several different planets, much like that of Old Earth. The difference in this universe and that of Old Earth’s? Several worlds are said to be habitable, among a set of 15 planetary bodies.

It has been two centuries since the defeat of Old Earth. In that time, the Lysharia Federation, as they now call themselves has enjoyed a period of peace as they search for a world to call home. Now, at long last, having found a world to call home, humans and other species encountered during the two century journey, rediscover old sorcery and technology is being adapted to work with ancient sorcery.

But as they settle in, will they discover the utopia that they claim it to be?”

Most of our players come to us by way of DarkMyst’s RPGServ search engine. But, I’m working on expanding our reach so that others can find us and start playing with us in addition to the forums on the site.

If you do come in, please let us know how you found us. It’s always nice to know how people find us. I hope you enjoy our game, once you join us!