Those of you who keep up with my blog are aware of the fact that I am hearing impaired and use ASL. For those of you who are not, well, now you know!

Those of us who are D/deaf and are able to use ASL or SEE can communicate with the hearing world via Sprint's Relay service, SorensonVRS's video-phone service, ZVRS's video-phone service, just to name a few of the service providers I use today.

So what's the problem?

For myself, it's mostly to do with technical support from any or all of the comopanies I listed above. Specifically, with SorensonVRS, their technical support sucks so bad that I've finally given up on getting support from them.

What did they do?

Typical response-time from SorensonVRS can be anywhere between a day to... basically never, after the initial response. Their initial response so far tends to be on the level of, "You don't have a VP number with us." or "Are you at home or business with this?"

I have not only a nTouch VP, I also have the nTouch for PC and the nTouch Mobile products.

They had the capability to see all of this. But for whatever reason lately, they've gone silent beyond the initial response. So far, they've been really unhelpful in helping me troubleshoot why my nTouch VP would not link up to their network and reactivate itself after I'd gotten a new VP number from them due to the VP having not been in use for a couple years for various reasons.

What do, Captain?!

I've decided to drop SorensonVRS in favor of ZVRS based on ZVRS's fast response. So far, so good on their technical support responses.

We'll see how this goes. I'll be trading in the nTouch VP for the Z5 Max.

My SorensonVRS VP numbers will soon be deactivated. I'll not be porting those numbers to ZVRS. It's about time I made a break with SorensonVRS, anyway.

Look for more posts from me on how the video-relay switch goes!