This is my musings on the technology that D/deaf (Sidenote: Deaf people are those who identify as fully deaf, either at birth or after the fact. Little d are people who are deaf and/or hard-of-hearing) people use to regain hearing -- the cochlear implant. I am currently implanted with a Nucleus 7 cochlear implant.

I was implanted on May 2nd. On that day, I was somewhat nervous but the surgeon team assured me I'd make it through fine. And I did. What I did learn though was that I didn't like the period where I was awake one moment and then the next moment, I was awake again. Bam! Suddenly, I was implanted. What?

Here's a picture of me the day of the surgery, after the surgery. I unfortunately don't have pre-surgery pictures. This after-surgery picture is the only picture that remains of the surgery.


I was informed I looked so inconvenienced after the surgery.

Right after the surgery, I spent about 40 minutes in recovery due to high blood sugar. But there was a constant ringing sound. They'd warned me of this.

After I was taken home and was allowed to sleep, I eventually woke up and noticed that the ringing changed tones and loudness as I moved around. And there were some magnetic resonance I'd noticed from a couple fans I owned, which was interesting.

My dogs were very careful with me after I'd gotten home, with one of my boys carefully clambering up asking me to hug him and get puppy kisses. This lasted until I fully recovered.

More on that in Part Two is now live!