Lately, after discovering that I could use StartSSL for most of my website, I’ve had the urge to set up SSL on most, if not all of my sites.

I’ve set up SSL on this website, but only for the admin section and log-in section. For the most part, SSL isn’t really needed for this site, but it is needed for other sites, such as DeafTechSupport.

With the fact that Server Name Indication (which is a fancy way of telling the browser “Hey, this site has SSL, this is how you want it.”)  is now available, I’m pretty happy in that I am now capable of setting up multiple SSL-enabled websites without the requirement of a dedicated IP address and thusly spending more money for a dedicated IP. The fact that SNI is now available and has been for some time is great in that it allows one to set up multiple SSL certificates without worrying about the requirement of a dedicated IP.

Of course, configuring the server to properly account for SNI can be difficult if you’re using anything other than cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk and the like. My experience so far has been with cPanel, so I can’t say with absolute certainty that the other control panels work well with Server Name Indication.

That said, I can rest a little more easy in knowing that my log-ins to various sites are secure. The problem, of course, is that at some point I will need to eventually set up rules via .htaccess to redirect non-SSL users to the SSL-enabled site to ensure that everything stays secure.

So with all that I’ve been working on… I find myself getting excited about working on my projects again. And that is a good thing, my friends!