Hello, hello!

As a somewhat fledgling programmer of a sort, I have discovered that it is very easy to get drawn deep into the open-source movement as I work on learning how to customize Blesta as I work on the billing system for EidolonHost. It has been a learning process so far.

Blesta really is that customizable. Cody, one of the developers of Blesta has been helpful, stating that this was only the beginning. As I delve into Blesta, I realize he is right. Tyson and Paul have made it easy and pleasant for me as a beginner in learning how to work with Blesta, and for that I am quite happy.

You see, if not for the fact that Blesta is so open and their people so easy to work with, I would not know exactly what goes into the billing system. I can’t honestly say the same for WHMCS, Web Host Manager, Complete Solution. They were recently the victim of multiple exploits revealing how shoddily written their software was.

After having gotten my hands on the source code for WHMCS and comparing it against Blesta… I can only say that Blesta’s code is well-written and easy to understand, whereas for WHMCS, it is a black hole that I cannot see into.

And that is scary, putting your trust into code that you cannot see, nor understand due to their obfuscation and requirement of encoding the software. Putting your business into the hands of people who do not seem to understand the meaning of security for handling customer data. Customer data that includes the address, names and billing details for that customer.

Open-Source code that can be easily reviewable means you can know for certain that the software is not designed to be a huge security risk. And that is why I support the Open Source software movement, as it were.

The same can be said for the Raspberry Pi. You can modify it to your needs at will. So many things you can do with it. Then there’s the Arduino. So much you can do with both platforms that I have only just gotten into the beginning of working with both platforms. I am excited about how the two platforms work.

Of course, this will only get better as I get my hands on the Pi and Arduino. I can only imagine what I’ll do with the power these two platforms in addition to open source software will give me.