This page lists all of the projects that I am working on.

You may see my Github user account and all of the repositories I contribute to here, at KeiroD’s Github.

Notable Github Projects:

DSM — Dedicated Server Module, this module was created for the billing system, Blesta. This module is designed to help dedicated server providers offer dedicated servers to their customers and manage assignments of servers to customers. Does not handle OS reloads and other such functions at this time. It’s incomplete but I’m still working on it.

Eidolos — Eidolos, this GPL script is forked from cPInstall, it is designed to help system administrators install a variety of services, such as cPanel, InterWorx, Webmin and others, just to name a few. CentOS and Debian-based. Incomplete but still working on it. — is a virtualization control panel. I wrote code that helped add support for Vultr, a cloud VPS provider. You can see the commit merging Vultr support into main repository here.