My thoughts on Birmingham

Whew. It's been six months, at the very least since I moved to Birmingham, Alabama. It's been a wild ride thus far, what with me needing to use AirBnB. And what's with all those one-way streets?! Now I live in Avondale, not too far from Avondale Park. It's pretty nice.

Not so much the management for my house, though... they hardly respond to pretty much anything. Which, I suppose is to be expected of a scummy landlord... but we'll be alright.

Oh, and screw those hills, especially the one on Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. They suck for biking up without electric pedal assist. And I don't even have that on my trike.

A Job with KnownHost

Why did I move to Birmingham? Well, it was to work for KnownHost. They worked with me throughout my interview and made sure I understood everything that was going on. My training period was a much better experience compared to that of Hostgator back in 2009 when I last held a job... for four months.

The difference between Hostgator and KnownHost is like night and day. Not only did they make sure I could communicate with everyone over our internal communications system, they also made sure that I could succeed with the training they provided. Things like providing me with a VPS to practice and to improve my knowledge on or maybe pointing out little things like making sure I knew what to look for when working an EA4 upgrade process for cPanel that went sideways.

TL;DR: KnownHost is invested in your success, more so if you choose to relocate. They want to make sure you SUCCEED.

When I worked for Hostgator, I remember very clearly that they'd thrown me into the deep end without really any effective training. It was basically sit besides an administrator and follow how they were doing things. At the time I had little understanding of how their systems worked but I knew Linux and I knew cPanel.

Now it's 2017 and I know a lot more than I did back in 2009. I think I'll do quite nicely here.