With the news of LastPass having been acquired by LogMeIn comes with our recommendation to prepare to replace your cloud-based password manager.

We were a strong proponent of using LogMeIn's capability to provide to your family the ability to do remote support from your own bedroom, up until LogMeIn dropped support for its free product, source is here.

Hamachi was also another great resource until it too, was acquired by LogMeIn. It was great for enabling local network play amongst your friends.

Precious few options remain now for products to help you with managing family computers from a long distance away and now, your passwords.

Alternatives would be 1Password, which has support for Chrome, Android, iOS and Windows. KeepPass is another with similar support levels for various OSes, including Linux.

We'll be evaluating the options here and recommending the best option possible for businesses and home users in the near future.