We've been rolling out IPv6 in greater numbers across all of the platforms that we support both internally and externally.

IPv4 Problem

So far, as a technology enthusiast, I am well aware of the IPv4 shortages. ARIN recently announced that they were completely out of v4 IP space.

This encouraged me to speed up deployment of v6 services to my home network. Unfortunately, TWC, my home ISP, currently does not support v6. I do know that we do have a limited v6 infra; that infra is currently in testing and not guaranteed to work.

So, what is one to do?!

IPv6 Solution

Implement v6 service ourselves, of course! We chose Hurricane Electric's TunnelBroker service. For starters, Hurricane Electric's the largest IPv6 transit provider. That, and they provide free IPv6 6in4 static tunnels!


As I use a Linksys E1200v2, it took some time in considering what firmware to use. There was TomatoUSB, particularly that of Shibby's TomatoUSB firmware implementation... then there's DD-WRT and finally, OpenWRT. Though I'm not sure if OpenWRT actually supports my device.

I chose Shibby's TomatoUSB implementation because for one, it looks beautiful.

Have a look below!

Amazing, isn't it? Also, apologies if the image makes your browser scroll further than it should.

And now, with TomatoUSB in play, I am able to run IPv6 services! This came about with the handy-dandy ByteBasket IPv6 Guide for TomatoUSB.

You can see a sample config as it stands currently, though I'm using a DD-WRT-specific image until I've a replacement TomatoUSB image. Some details have been blacked out, to protect people.

All home devices are now able to pull an IPv6 IP and go online with the rest of the global IPv6 Internet. As are our services! However, some of our services currently remain on IPv4, but they are being switched to dual-stack operation so as to continue offering services to both IPv4 and IPv6 users.