… Half-seen forms, more felt with the mind’s eye… if you believe.

The Fae were out in force, tonight… or so it seemed to me. I was out in the grove, meditating with two others. Suddenly, when I opened my eyes again… I could see the forms easily, where previously there were inky blackness.

And even the slow swiping of the headlights that occasionally passed through didn’t pull away the peaceful feeling that the grove had for me. I felt a young Fae sit on my head, while another was dancing in front of me about six inches away.

I heard the wild skirl of music. Felt the grove offer comfort and warmth that I’ve not felt in ages. And then I heard a voice that I could not quite identify… but I suspect was Leanansidhe. Update: It was confirmed to be Leanansidhe…

While I was deaf, I could hear her with perfect clarity, as if I had no hearing impairment. It was… a strange feeling. A feeling of what was. And what will be.

She spoke, and I’m paraphrasing here, because they tend to speak in a liquidic flowing language that I can perfectly understand… but can’t easily translate.

“It will be well, Starweaver. Tonight, rest and dream. We will come.”

I’m not sure what it’ll be about… but I have a feeling it will be an interesting dream.