For three days straight, I was fighting with .htaccess.

What happened was, if you entered this website or another website, it would cause you to be immediately redirected to another website totally unrelated to this one. I quickly figured out that some finicky bit of rewrite rules were being rather problematic. It was getting the specific conditions right to make sure that it wouldn’t affect anything other than this website.

I even spoke to my web-hosting provider for more help, as I didn’t have deep knowledge about .htaccess rewrite rules. Alas, they could not help, but they did make suggestions that didn’t quite work as I’d hoped.

But, as I struggled through various configurations, one person on WebHostingTalk told me this vital piece of knowledge I had not known: That’s not how it works. Stack up as many rewrite conds as you like before one rewrite rule. But after that you start again from scratch – all previous rewrite conds are ignored. So what you’re doing with the “Doubly make sure” (this was in reference to the well-commented .htaccess rule I had posted on the WHT Forums.) needs to be done for every rule.

So once I learned that vital bit of information, I was able to make everything work properly, because I had my .htaccess rewrite rule interfering with the other websites I also run, and I could not have that. Had I known that the above information was necessary, I’d have fixed this a long time ago.

The More You Know™, I guess.