So, a friend of mine, Royce wrote a post that I thought I should re-share.

This is a salute to the broken-hearted. Those fighting for change and those who wish that change didn’t come so quickly.

This is for you, struggling to hold yourself together, or find the pieces of you that you lost along the way. Maybe even both. For you, who feels like they’ve given so much that giving more will put them down, or for those that feel like they haven’t given enough.

This is for that one person whose every step feels like a knife in the chest and, no matter how many they manage to pull out, there’s a new one creeping into their ribcage.

For the people that swear they are tired of hearing that it does get better, and silently– or loudly –want it to right this second.

Don’t forget the little things in life that bring you the comfort you desire to keep you going, and when you feel like you’ve gotten to the point where you can’t take it anymore, go beyond that.

You’ll get there. With all things, it takes time.

Sleep well, my friends.

… I am currently struggling to remember this. Unfortunately, I’m definitely not having an easy time of it. But… I have no earthly idea of how to deal with all of it.