I know, I know.

I said I’d delegated DNS to CloudFlare. However, a colleague and friend of mine, Kradorex had advised that CloudFlare was suspected of helping booter/stressor services.

What is a Booter/Stressor Service?

A: Booter/Stressor Services are generally those that hire out their services. It’s designed to take down a website or a set of servers. Such as the Playstation Network DDoS outages, CloudFlare outages, just to name a few examples.

It’s to give you a bad time in enjoying the services you use today.

Where’s your evidence?

Here’s a couple sources. Source one, Source two.

I have since then decided to move DNS services to Incapsula. I will be testing their services out and providing a review later.

There’re a few other alternatives for ensuring your website’s protected as much as possible. But eventually, even if you did take such precautions, you’ll most likely end up being taken down. Hopefully that won’t happen to us.