Much as I hate CloudFlare’s particular set-up… I have decided to resume delegating Heimkoma Services’s DNS duties to CloudFlare, as they are a pretty good CDN (Content Delivery Network) company with a fairly robust DNS infrastructure.

My only gripe with regards to CloudFlare is the fact that you cannot use back-up nameservers. Let’s say you want to take advantage of CloudFlare’s many DNS features… but then you decide that you need back-up nameservers.

What’s that? You want back-up nameservers?

No can do. Not if you want to ensure that your site is protected by the CloudFlare network. This is problematic due to the way that DNS works.

Of course, there’s some workarounds, such as using another DNS provider that can offer similar features to that of CloudFlare. But that means possibly overcomplicating what should be a simple set-up. DNS needs to be kept simple, especially with the like of DNSSec becoming an increasing necessity.

We will be rolling out DNSSec for all of our domains as soon as possible but this is not a simple undertaking. More updates to come on this subject as we progress through our rollouts.

There really isn’t an effective solution other than using CloudFlare for the features and security they provide. Which is unfortunate… as if you want to roll out similar features to CloudFlare, you’ll quickly find out that it’s very expensive to do so.

That’s all for now.