Totally stealing this off of my friend’s blog.

Focii – The following are items that will be focused on as 2014 begins. I will also be adding and removing things from this list as projects are completed and new projects are added.

  • EidolonHost – Most of the building-blocks for my company has been completed. That is, establishing relationships with new datacenters; re-establishing relationships with existing datacenters. Switching to the new billing system… and learning how to work with said system. We will be actively advertising our product lines as we complete the final steps of our building-blocks project, which should be done roughly around February, though I may accelerate it a tad in January, if things work out.
  • Heimkoma Services – Posting more regularly with various things that I’ve been doing to my blog here at Heimkoma Services. This may involve projects that I’ve been working on, or guides for various things.
  • Transportation – Obtaining a method of transportation that is reliable, aside from the local transit system, such as a TerraTrike Rover or the TerraTrike Rambler, or even a vehicle, such as a Ford E-350 or Dodge Ram 2500 van.
  • Community/Communication – Develop contacts within the local community amongst the D/deaf.
  • Conventions – Perhaps not attending, but getting an idea of all the conventions around the continental US, furry and otherwise.  Knowing what conventions will be in which areas when, if I happen to start traveling sometime this year.
  • Writing – Give Dreamer’s Awakening, the first book in a planned trilogy a serious effort in getting written.
  • Research – Research various methods of doing things, such as communication, technology, be it for me or for others.

Other Focuses

  • Artwork – Improve my limited ability to do artwork. I used to do awesome cityscapes and scenes. I’ll get back to this when and as I can, as I do not have the necessary stuff that I would need in order to do the stuff properly.
  • Research – Research new locations for living when and if the need comes to move, such as a job or an emergency situation, such as a hurricane disaster or a winter storm damaging everything.
  • Affiliated Projects – Work with others on their own projects that they want me in on, such as Karros’s Dragonfox Studios project, for example.


  • This section receives an honorable mention as I do intend on playing around with programming to put together some basic games.
  • This is not a focus.  EidolonHost is the focus with Heimkoma Services and the like being the secondary.  This is just a pet project section.