The first list you usually make isn’t always the best list. At the time of my writing for the original worklist, I had mostly been speaking in general. This one’s a refinement of that list, with clarifications and/or additions to the list.

So, without further ado:

Focii — The following are items that will be focused on as 2014 moves on. I will also be adding and removing things from this list as projects are completed and new projects are added.

  • Hearing Aid — I have a new hearing aid! Audicus is the new hearing aid company that I purchased a hearing aid from. I have their aNote product, comparable to the aCanto.
  • EidolonHost — Migration has been mostly completed. The infrastructure is mostly in place, now. There’s just a couple bits and pieces that needs tying up before I can turn everything on and go live.
  • Heimkoma Services — I am considering making Heimkoma Services a formal company for work as a contractor with regards to SysAdmin™-related things.
  • Transportation 2 — I have determined a company where I can purchase a vehicle from fairly easily. For now, it’s saving the money up for a car. At some point next week, I will be obtaining a driver’s permit and probably a driver’s license some time after that. The TIPIC is valid for one year. This makes it very easy to practice as long as I need to, in order to bone up on my driving skills. I am fairly certain that the driving portion will be dealt with fairly easily. The problem, of course… is convincing someone to let me borrow their car long enough to do the driver’s test.
  • Transportation 2.1 — Obtain alternative methods of transportation, such as bicycles like the Recumbent bicycles that I’ll need for balance and safety reasons, such as a TerraTrike Rover or the TerraTrike Rambler as mentioned in the previous WorkList. I am also considering obtaining the components necessary to make the recumbent bicycle be able to take advantage of electrical power in addition to human power powering the bicycle.
  • A Home — I currently am in talks with an owner in taking a rent-to-own mobile home. Depending on how much is being asked for, I may need to stay in place in Ohio for a number of years in order to ensure the home is fully paid off.
  • Conventions — I will be planning on a visit to Salt Lake City, Utah for the theme park. Unfortunately, I don’t have the link for the park at the moment, but as soon as I find it, I’ll add it to this here list. Of course, there’s an ulterior motive for choosing to plan for a visit to SLC, but that’s one I’ll keep to myself for the time being.

Other Focuses — These are things that I’m focusing on as well in addition to the main Focii.

  • Research — Research is currently ongoing on the home I referred to earlier. I would like to have the capability of disconnecting all main services, such as Water, Electricity, Sewage, Gas in the event of a disaster or a move. An 18-wheeler is most likely required for a move like this one. I’ll most likely need to talk to some people who can help me move my home as I request, should the need ever come up. This may also require purchasing an 18-wheeler and learning how to drive such a vehicle for my need. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Affiliated Projects — Karros Nethercry’s Dragonfox Studios project is going quite well. I am currently working on setting up infrastructure for Karros’s needs but this will obviously take time.

Other Thoughts — I will have to come back here and put down more thoughts and plans on what I am doing… at least, insofar as I’m comfortable with people publicly knowing. For now, this is what I’ve got percolating in my mind and on my plate.

Updates: Friday, April 25th, 2014 — I’ll explain the meaning of the strikethroughs later. For now… I’m keeping things to myself.